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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

About Our Herbal Formulas


About our herbal formulas


Physiciansherbalformulas are all made up of Chinese/Eastern herbs arranged in thoughtful purposes. The formulas are more powerful than any individual herbs in creating healing effects. The appropriate individual herbs must be arranged in right proportions to achieve the healing functions as defined by the language of Chinese/Eastern medicine (“traditional medicine”), rich in tradition. One cannot do meaningful translations of “ traditional” medical theories into modern western medical terminologies, unless one knows both systems. Even then such translations are easily misinterpreted. So, No full attempt is tried to explain how the formulas work on medical terms. Biomedical language is only one type of language to try to depict illness versus well being. Concentrate on the explanations on each formula, and decide if the formula is right.

A few words about “ traditional” way of thinking on nature and human beings.By 500 B.C.’s the Eastern philosophy and epistemology ( the theory on how do we know what we think we know?) was already different from “ Dualism” of Western thoughts. In nondualistic eastern thinking, the reality is not separate from the language; the language creates our reality as much as the reality shapes our language. In reality, there is no matter versus mind, and accordingly no “ Psychosomatic “ disorders in “ traditional med.”

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 The theories of “QI”, “Blood”, “Yin”, and “Yang” are the pillars of this traditional medicine and are non dualistic. “Qi” is the energetic waves in the universe and in ourselves, which are neither pure energy nor matter, but manifests itself in all functions of organisms. “Blood“ is the substantiative foundation of Qi which nourishes the organism, while being itself a form of Qi, (and not the same as pure blood in western medicine ). “ Yin “and “Yang” are cosmic “forces” which are are opposing and yet complementary stages in the process of ever changing transformations in nature and human beings.

Physicians herbal formulas are based upon the nondualistic theories of Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang, as therapeutically powerful as biomedical languages of modern medicine. Please read our case study for a concrete example. 

 A formula may not be effective, 1) if an inapproate formula is taken ( this is why one must read the descriptions rather closely), 2) the dose is too low, ( the dose response curve is variable for each individual), 3) one has not taken the formula long enough for chronic illness with deep roots like bamboo tree roots ( for these illnesses modern biomedicine has no solutions ).

All the herbal products have not been evaluated by FDA. Herbal products are not intended to treat any disease.

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Our herbal products have been tested vigorously for any impurities, pesticides, and heavy metals, and are of the finest herbal pharmaceutical grade in the world. Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical Co., in Taiwan