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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

About Us


About US

     All our modernized formulas, aiming to manage well or heal the toughest, complex symptoms of modern men and women, have been designed by Dr. Dong W Shin who is the only U.S. educated physician ( MD at Northwestern ) fully trained in both internal medicine and pathology, as well as Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

현대 남성과 여성이 가장 힘들고 복잡한 증상을 잘 관리하거나 치유하기 위해 현대화 된 모든 수식은 내과의 교육을받은 유일한 미국 교육 의사 (노스 웨스턴의 MD) 인 Dong W Shin 박사가 설계했습니다. 병리학,뿐만 아니라 중국어 허브와 침술.

fotolia-47776581-subscription-monthly-m.jpg As a pathologist, he had performed autopsies of diseased persons, and examined many slides of abnormal cells under the microscope. He has expert understandings of the pathology of diseases from the biomedical framework.

However, early in his career as an internist, he became  aware of relative ineffectiveness of many western pharmaceutical drugs in treating some acute and chronic, recurrent symptoms. After rigorous study of eastern herbal medicine, he has accumulated extensive experiences of herbal formulas with patients. He has finally come up with the formulas of his own effective for common clinical symptoms of complex, modern men and women.Dr.Shin’s herbal formulas often work for the difficult symptoms inadequately treated by western drugs or simple natural herbs/home remedies.Dr.Shin is a Korean American who immigrated to America at age 13. He actively studies histories, cultures,and languages.

He can read Chinese characters, Spanish, Biblical Greek, Japanese ,Korean, and English. His study of many modes of conceptualizing the realities has helped him to understand the different models for approaching sickness.


fotolia-17910838-subscription-monthly-m.jpgGraduated Brown University with Magna cum laude and B.A. in biology

M.D. at Northwestern University with honors in pathology

Finished Residency in anatomic and clinical pathology at Cedars Sinai Medical center in L.A.

Finished Residency in internal medicine at White Memorial medical center in L.A.

Magna cum laude와 B.A.와 함께 졸업 한 Brown University. 생물학


노스 웨스턴 대학교의 병리학 석사


L.A.의 Cedars Sinai Medical center에서 해부학 및 임상 병리학에서 수료 완료.


L.A.의 White Memorial 메디컬 센터에서 내과 수습을 마쳤습니다.