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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.




Physicians Herbal Formulas are natural herbal remedies effective for Anorexia or altered taste. Our herbal remedies 1) modulate neurohormonal afferent inputs to taste centers in pons and medulla, 2) reduces visceral hypersensitivies of the vagus nerves in the gut walls which converge with the taste afferents from the tongue, and relaxes the abnormal contractions of the gut and reduce pain and cramps associated with anorexia


3) tonify the digestive functions and gut motilities and reduce bloating and false sense of satiety, and 4) downbears the abnormal reflux of bile into the oral cavities and reduces bitter taste. 


 Anorexia or loss of appetite, a very common illness and often serious in elderlies, can be corrected fast if the duration has been relatively short. Herbal formulas,especially Anorexia & Dyspepsia, may be taken a long term without side effects. The only western medicine for anorexia is Megace with hormonal side effects such as high blood sugar and edema. Megace does not work for bitter or sour or sticky taste. 






Herbal formulas may not be effective for anorexia of terminal cancer, or AIDS.