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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Anxiety ( 불안 장애)

Frequent anxiety with excess fear, anger, worries, and panicky feelings are often accompanied by insomnia. There are often autonomic symptoms such as palpitations, muscle tensions,and hot sensations. In herbal medicine chronic anxiety can be categorized into 2 major categories. One is due to deficient bioenergies, and the other, stagnation of bioenergies. The former are addressed by the formula 1A Anxious&weak( premenopausal women with borderline anemia),1B Anxious&hot( Menopausal women and elders), and the latter by 2A Anxiety&Dreams or 2B Anxiety &Stress ( young to middle aged striving hard in modern competitive culture).

For now we offer only 1B Anxious$hot and 2B Anxiety $Stress. 

*Antioxidants and cellular biochemicals are Theoretical, preventive supplements for delaying cellular aging, but real human scientific trials are rare for proving  effective in alleviating symptoms of already established disorders. **Well designed herbal formulas steadily untwine the root causes of ill symptoms and have been clinically proven during >2,000 years of Eastern medicine