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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Autonomic Nerve


Why do people with no endocrine disorders ( such as thyroid dysfunction or adrenal tumors ), hidden infections, neoplasms, or rheumatological diseases, or even menopause suffer from abnormal sweatings, hot soles , cold limbs, or even hot flashes ?



Our herbal remedies are based on energetic model and not on anatomical model as in modern medicine. Autonomic nervous system malfunctionings as a result of energy deficiencies or imbalances often express themselves as 1) altered sensations of body temperatures ( One may feel hot or cold in various parts of body even when the thermometer readings are normal ),

2) abnormal or excess sweatings in the absence of hot environment ( Sweating and fatigued easily with exertion, or night sweating as in menopause ).The symptomologies in this category are not treatable by current biomedicine ( or for menopausal symptoms estrogens must be used ). Our herbal formulas can replenish energy or free up the blocked circulation of energy and blood, and restore the proper functioning of autonomic nervous system.


note: Our formula for Cold Back $ Limbs is not for cold legs due to completely blocked arteries or arterioles in the lower extremities.