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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Bloating Abdomen ( 더부룩한 복통 )

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Product Description

fotolia-1231526-subscription-monthly-m.jpgThe Key Symptoms:

Feelings of BLOATING, Fullness, Oppression in the epigastrium and abdomen and sometimes up into the chest. IndigestionDull epigastric pain. Poor appetite. Dry mouth, but no desire to drink. Bitter and Sticky Taste. occasional Nausea and vomitting. Such a person often have underlying Chronic fatigue and heaviness of body not relieved with rest.

This is a great formula for a syndrome of combined chronic indigestion and bloating.

Natural herbal formula * formulated by an USA Internist- Pathologist- Herbalist, 

* Untangles the knots of the deep roots of an X systemic symptom, 

* Is Clinically Proven Effective in Real Patient Cares, because herbs with various roles  are coordinated  to correct systemic pathogenesis. 

*Is far different from big company products made of  collections of  similar, publicized herbs with antioxidants or biochemicals which do not coordinate works at a system level !  

Dose: 3 to 4 capsules 2 to 3 times daily.

The Korean Text:미국 유일한 내과의 + 병리학 자 + 한의학전문 신동원 박사 의 자연 한약 포뮬라.

주요 증상 : 

 복부의 더부룩함, 팽창감, 중간 상복부와 복부에서의 억압, 그리고 증상이 때로는 가슴까지 올라간다. 잘 체함. 둔한 상복부 통증. 식욕 부진. 입이 마르지만, 물을 마시고싶지않음. 쓴맛과 끈적 끈적한 맛. 때때로 메스꺼움과 구토. 이런만성증상을 가진분들은 만성적 인 피로와 몸의 무거움이 많습니다. 


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