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The malfunctionings of autonomic nervous system can only be explained and treated by the bioenergetic model of medicine as represented by physicians herbal formula

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Physician's herbal remedies are based on energetic model and not on anatomical model as in modern medicine. Autonomic nervous system malfunctionings as a result of energy deficiencies or imbalances often express themselves as 1) altered sensations of body temperatures ( One may feel hot or cold in various parts of body even when the thermometer readings are normal ), 2) abnormal or excess sweatings in the absence of hot environment ( Sweating and fatigued easily with exertion, or night sweating as in menopause ), and 3) altered sensory nerve firings in response to poor microcirculation caused by autonomic vasoconstriction ( idiopathic numbness,tingling, or bugs crawling in extremities,etc).

The symptomologies in this category are extremely common, and yet not treatable by current biomedicine ( or for menopausal symptoms estrogens must be used ). Physician's  herbal formulas can replenish energy or free up the blocked circulation of energy and blood, and restore the proper functioning of autonomic nervous system.

This article will be supplied with further details. See the herbal formulas or remedies in Autonomic nerve

The most common, fundamental misconceptions about many common symptoms by laypersons and many physicians need be understood to pave the way for transcendental new conceptions AND NEW MODES OF TREAT MENT

The following list will lay out the common misconceptions about the symptoms and illnesses held by most laypersons as well as many medical doctors. Why this matters will be apparent soon.#1 misconception: " The symptoms of all kinds are caused by biomedical diseases, which are defined as the abnormal morphological changes in micro and macroanatomy. [...]

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The real divergence between herbal medicine and biomedicine: Are the symptoms due to diseases or to syndromes?

The difference between biomedicine and chinese herbal medicine: Are the Symptoms due to Diseases or Syndromes ?The short answer is that most dieseases, defined as anatomical abnormalities, have NO SYMPTOMS, until advanced. Most symptoms are " functional " sensory interpretations of brain, and do not have diseases underlying them. Then, how does modern medicine [...]

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Herbal remedies in Korea are on equal footing with biomedicine in clinical medicine.

Traditional herbal formulas are on equal footing withModern biomedicine in clinical practice in Modernized Korea whose Sam Sung or Hyundai corporations produce the state of the art cell phones and cars. Obviously, Herbal formulas are cherished and valued as much as the high tech gears and modern biomedicine. koreans routinely spend hundreds of dollars [...]

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Why chinese/eastrn herbal remedies for many illnesses in modern western society?

Why Chinese/ Eastern herbal medicine or remedies?Herbal Medicine is the epitomy of eastern culture which can impart valuable legacies to western society. She is many notches above popular chinese dishes. With more than 2500 years of rich clinical wisdom and philosophical underpinnings, she is the most effective medicine for many symptoms, some of which even [...]

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Physicians herbal formulas propose a new comprehensive alternative theories on the pathogenesis of functional dyspepsia.

Functional Dyspepsia Is the major category of chronic indigestion, bloating, gas, and nausea. It is defined as > 3 months of postprandial fullness, early satiety, epigastric pain or burning with the first symptom onset at least 6 months prior before the diagnosis, and no organic causes found for dyspepsia. Biomedicine proposes 4 pathogenetic mechanisms. #1) [...]

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A new model of exertional dizziness, dizziness threshold, and impaired autoregulation of blood flows in response to surges of demands.

A new model of chronic dizziness: EXERTIONAL DIZZINESS and Dizziness Threshold.representsthe majority of chronic dizziness, including psychogenic and psychophysiologic dizziness.2)Presyncopewith feelings of passing out due to hypoperfusion of oxygen or sugar to brain from sudden low blood pressure from slow autonomic nervous system response ( orthostatic hypotension, cough or micturition syncope, etc ), or [...]

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Chronic diarrhea is either caused by retentions of pathogenic factors in bowels or deficiency of bioenergies inputs into neuromuscular system in the gut

Diarrhea, to public, means liquidy stools with increased frequency. Its biomedical definition is stool weight > 200 grams/day. ( not useful clinically)Chronic Diarrhea is diarrhea lasting > 3 to 4 weeks. Biomedicine proposes 5 different causative mechanisms.#1) Secretory diarrhea is abnormal fluid and electrolyte transport across mucosa of small intestine and colon, with large volume [...]

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Pathogenesis of cough according to a new paradigm of hypersecretors and undersecretors of phlegms and mucus

THEORIES ON PATHOGENESIS OF COUGHWhy does Jenny cough so oftener than Tom in dry weather? Jenny is a good singer at a casino who uses her voices a lot, and whenever she gets a cold with a sore throat and fever,she has persistent cough, with dry throat, and ticklish cough with a scant amount [...]

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The limitations of Amercian clinical biomedicine| Herbal researches rarely performed for medicoeconomic forces

Double, blind clinical researches on traditional herbal medicine are rarely performed by the leading medical schools or even national health institute, and there are hardly any good data regarding the clinical efficacy of many herbal medical formulas for many difficult  symptoms. In contrast, in China there are numerous clinical studies loudly attesting for the miraculous [...]

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