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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

The most common, fundamental misconceptions about many common symptoms by laypersons and many physicians need be understood to pave the way for transcendental new conceptions AND NEW MODES OF TREAT MENT

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The following list will lay out the common misconceptions about the symptoms and illnesses held by most laypersons as well as many medical doctors. Why this matters will be apparent soon.

#1 misconception: " The symptoms of all kinds are caused by biomedical diseases, which are defined as the abnormal morphological changes in micro and macroanatomy. All one needs to do as a doctor is to run a series of tests, including the blood tests and imaging studies to arrive at a diagnosis and the treatment plan will follow naturally to heal the patients ". Nothing can be further from the truth as the above statements. First,the  majority of symptoms are found idiopathic after a series of tests, and often the patients are labelled to have idiopathic symptoms, some of which may be thought to be neurosis caused i.e. not caused by diseases. In fact, most diseases are asymptomatic until quite advanced. All the myriad of symptoms confronting most medical doctors are better explained and often much well healed by the holistic bioenergetic theories of eastern herbal system of medicine.

#2 misconception: " Cough is a simple, reflex defensive mechanism expelling out the unwanted substances, endogenous, or exogenous, out of respiratory trees." It follows that to treat cough, one has to identify the stimulants of cough reflex, but when the stimulants are not identifiable or unavoidable ( such as exposure to dry, cold air ), then one has to use the medication that suppresses the cough reflex despite all the side effects. But every cough is caused by the patient constitution as well as the cough stimulants, and if one can treat the personal makeup, then the healing of cough would be more complete. Clinically there are subtypes of chronic coughers with heightened cough receptor sensitivities: one is the category of the hyperproducers of phlegms, and the other is the category of the underproducers of defensive mucus with " heat " in the respiratory trees. The current biomedicine does not explicitly recognize the existence of such categories with heightened cough receptor sensitivities, but physicians herbal formulas for cough offers multiple different, cutting edge herbal remedies for many subcategories of heightened cough receptor sensitivities, and thereby treat the root causes of cough.. Read Cough  

#3 misconception: " Dizziness is more or less the same as vertigo, which is mostly caused by inner ear disorder. It is treatible only by ear exercises that reposition the dislodged otoliths in the semicircular canals, and if this does not work ( which are the most cases), one has to resignate oneself to sedative drugs such as antivert and suffer until the attacks are over or live with chronic daily dizziness." 

Dizziness have multiple subcategories, and vertigo is only one of them. Chronic dizziness, especially in elderlies, are caused by insufficient  Qi ( bioenergy ) and blood flows to the appropriate regions of brain in response to increased demands ( its mechanism is imperfect autoregulation of blood flows ). Vertigo can be one expression of the whole spectrum of dizziness, caused by low blood flow to the inner ear or brainstem and in fact, can briefly occur with room spinnings in the middle of continual perception of a dizzy spell. Physicians herbal formulas for dizziness can treat chronic dizziness or vertigo, by supplying " Qi and blood " to the brain and restoring proper autoregulation of blood flows. Read Dizziness

More examples of common misconceptions will follow in near future.