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The real divergence between herbal medicine and biomedicine: Are the symptoms due to diseases or to syndromes?

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The difference between biomedicine and chinese herbal medicine: Are the Symptoms due to Diseases or Syndromes ?

The short answer is that most dieseases, defined as anatomical abnormalities, have NO SYMPTOMS, until advanced. Most symptoms are " functional " sensory interpretations of brain, and do not have diseases underlying them. Then, how does modern medicine explain the plethora of symptoms? Pathophysiological theories, but still Many symptoms are unexplained after multiple tests for abnormal patholphsiologies. Why? Modern medicine is more of scientific methodologies, and not final answers. Most people forget about this fact and think that modern medicine has the final bottomline answers. But, All the theories are incomplete hypothesises needing expansion of concepts. This does not mean that the theories should be nullified at all. Later, Our blogs will attempt to explore this by offering wider biomedical concepts for common symptoms.

How about chinese herbal medicine? She is a body of clinical knowledge built on experiences of thousands of years. A " syndrome" is either deficiency of Qi, Blood, Yin, or Yang ( 4 different aspects of " Bioenergy " flowing through us ), or an imbalance/ obstruction of bioenergies. A syndrome can be diagnosed by observing set of physical signs ( facial signs, tongue appearances, pulse characters, etc ) and most importantly, interpreting a cluster of symptoms ( which our web site focuses on ). Always, the symptoms of an individual are explained by a syndrome. Whether it is treatible or not is a separate issue which chinese herbal medicine makes clear ( Dying is a process of separation of yin and yang, and not treatible ). But when treatible, it is treatible, and this is the beauty of chinese herbal medicine, especially in managing many chronic symptoms for which modern medicine have only hypothesies and no good treatments except for neuromodullators and sedatives.

Eventually modern medicine will arrive at a new horizon of awakenings by incorporating clinical informations from herbal medicine. But this plateau will be much beyond deciphering genomes or identifying all the chemicals in biocellular reactions.

To promote Herbal Formulas, we will explain the basic difference between biomedicine and chinese herbal medicine and what advantages herbal remedies have. We do not favor either one of these medicines, and practice both, but we know in what symptoms Physicians Herbal Formulas are more or most effective, with thoughtful modifications for complex symptomologies of modern men and women which differ from easterners in agricultural, extended family based society based on obligations and virtues of Confucianism.


Biomedicine is built on the paradigm of Disease causing sickness. A Diease is abnormally changed macro and microanatomy( cells ), and clinical medicine dependent on pathology attempts to ameliorate pathological changes by drugs. A drug lowers blood pressure by relaxing the smooth muscles within the arterioles.

The patients come to a medical doctor often for Symptoms. It is assumed by everyone that the symptoms are caused by Diseases, which are diagnosed by observing abnormal anatomy by Tests. However, so often the symptoms are unexplained after tests and the clinical medicine must resort to reassuring the patients that they have no diseases or to suppressing the symptoms by " calming " the nervous system. Often the patients are labelled as having " Psychosomatic " disorders.

The chinese herbal medicine is not based on the paradigm that the symptoms are caused by diseases. She does not hold concepts of diseases. There are only Syndromes causing the symptoms, and thousands of years of clinical trials and errors have resulted in effective remedies for many symptoms which biomedicine cannot manage as well. Further trials have borne fruits to Physicians herbal formulas for modern times.

History of human knowledge is progressive restructuring of Paradigms. For Medicine to leap higher to true MODERN MEDICINE, Biomedicine based on pathology needs to incorporate traditional herbal medicine, and stop the reductionist paradigm that the symptoms are caused by diseases or else are all psychogenic.

PHYSICIANS herbal formulas are holistic, modern medicine and heals the syndromes behind the symptoms.


Physicians Herbal Formula is not a pharmaceutical drug with one major chemical effective for a symptom. What is the point for a herbal remedy if one can isolate the main ingredient for a symptom ? Can you isolate the active ingredient that makes your mother's beef stew so full of flavors ? Our Formulas are exquisite cuisines bringing wholesome flavors, but with no one active ingredient. True that many drugs are derived from herbs, but these " active ingredients" isolated from a single herb treat only the biomedically well defined diseases( i.e. Digitalis for atrial fibrillation ), but not the chronic symptoms without specific diagnosis. ( a single " active metabolite" cannot treat idiopathic dry mouth, dizziness,,) .

Our Herbal remedies treats a whole person. Also do not search for that single magical herbal remedy that heals all with the same symptom, for there is none. Choose the best formula for managing the syndrome behind the symptom. Our web site uniquely offers # different formulas or herbal remedies for dry mouth, for cough, for dizziness,etc with clear cut explanations.


Physicians herbal formula will be a vital part of transformation of restructuring paradigms for true healing modern medicine. View all the pages in our web site to maximize the benefits of herbal formulas for your well being, often neglected by biomedicine and simplistic home remedies.