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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Why chinese/eastrn herbal remedies for many illnesses in modern western society?

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Why Chinese/ Eastern herbal medicine or remedies?

Herbal Medicine is the epitomy of eastern culture which can impart valuable legacies to western society. She is many notches above popular chinese dishes. With more than 2500 years of rich clinical wisdom and philosophical underpinnings, she is the most effective medicine for many symptoms, some of which even modern medicine cannot manage. Under the hands of a truely learned herbalist, Nearly wondrous results can be born, unimaginable from the perspectives of simple natural home remedies. Eastern herbal medicine is a complete system of knowledge that cannot be mastered without decades of clinical experiences and cannot be transmitted via an internet.( One cannot transmit the true heart of the paintings of Picasso by internet! ) Being both a western medical doctor and an experienced herbalist, Physicians herbal formula understands the exact merits and deficiencies in each system, and knows in what symptom complexes the eastern medicine is more effective or work together with western drugs. Physicians herbal formulas made thoughtful modifications and additions to classic herbal formulas to most effectively manage the complex symptomologies of modern men and women.