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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Bodyache & Fatigue

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Formulated by USA Internist-Pathologist-HERBALIST with intimate contacts with anatomy/pathophysiology/clinical Herbalism

The Key Symptoms:Both bodyaches and fatigue are worse at the end of the day after exertion, especially after mental work. Post period Bodyaches and Fatigue.

1) Chronic dull and heavy body aches are worse in the arms and legs, and often in the neck and shoulders, with stiffness, Feeling numb and tingling in the limbs, without actual loss of sensations,or subjective muscular weakness, 2) Chronic recurrent Fatigue worse at the end of the day or with mental exertions, Fatigue is relieved with lying down and mentally resting. Typically all the symptoms of bodyache and fatigue are worse with exertion, or in case of women, the symptoms are worse during and after the periods. This syndrome is not related to depression or anxiety disorder, where  the body aches and chronic fatigue actually usually get better with light exercise or joyful occasions.This herbal remedy is Not for sharp, stabbing muscle, or burning, or swollen pain with heat, or for significant pain in the joints as in the flares of rheumatoid arthritis. This syndrome is extremely common in women with past history of heavy menstral bleedings or multiple pregnancies, all of which have sapped the vital energies and uterine bloods which come from kidney essence and Tian gui ( Heavenly endowments). This herbal remedy is aimed at nourishing blood and essence in women's womb and chong mai ( Penetrating Vessel responsible for bioenergy flows in uterus, heart, and kidneys) ,and reestablishing the flow of Qi ( bioenergy) and blood in the connecting channels supplying the muscles and tendons. This herbal remedy is especially good for premenopausal women deficient in bioenergy and blood with palish, or sallow faces, scanty periods now, blurry vision, floaters,dry hair and dry skin in addtion to bodyaches and tiredness.; This formula is aimed at 1 subcategory of fibromyalgia which do not meet the classic diagnostic criteria of at least 11 trigger points of the 18 points. Better taken a long term to undergo transformation to become a vital wholesome being. This formula focuses more on bodyache, because fatigue takes a longer period to treat. One can also take one of our formulas in Fatigue category. *Why persist with biomedical therapy that do not work? Especially when there is an effective alternative!

This natural herbal alternative may be the best formula  which steadily elevates the quality of and the reason for life.   

Dose: 6 capsules twice or thrice daily

Most strongly recommend at least 2 bottles

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  1. great product

    Posted by joanne kang on 12th Apr 2014

    I am a big fan of dr shin's herbal medicine. It is a Trustful and it worked! I am impressed and highly recommend.

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