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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.


Effective natural herbal remedies for colds with smooth, but fast effects and no anticholinergic side effects such as sedation/ grogginess, dry mouth, or constipation.                                                             


Natural Herbal Remedies drive our the pathogenic factors ( which are not only the viruses, but also sudden exposures to cold or damp enviroments, enabling the invasion ) out of the layers of our system by enhancing the immunological functions, regulating the lung and gastrointestinal functions, and enabling the neurohormonal responses.

There are no drugs that shorten the duration of illnesses in this category, but natural herbal remedies for cold in formulas will. The key herbs expel with wind pathogens out of exterior layer of our immune system partly by promoting sweating and enhancing the defensive Qi, and prevent the pathogens from further invading into the inner organs ( i.e. Prevents pneumonia or disseminated infections ).

The following algorithm displays the  most common syndromes of upper respiratory infection.



 *Antioxidants and cellular biochemicals are Theoretical, preventive supplements for delaying cellular aging, but real human scientific trials are rare for proving  effective in  symptoms of  established disorders. **Well designed herbal formulas steadily untwine the root causes of ill symptoms and have been  proven by experiences during >2,000 years of Eastern medicine  

These formulas may be taken 6 capsules 3 to 4 times daily until the symptoms are over.