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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.



Constipation means infrequent defecation or straining or a sense of incomplete defecation. The two major mechanisms are 1) infrequent defecation, often with hard stools, due to delayed colonic transit from dehydration, lack of fibers in diet, slow and weak colonic  

fotolia-2275642-subscription-monthly-m.jpg motility, or obstruction of colonic movements by pathogenic factors such as diverticuli or colitis, 2) straining or incomplete evacuation largely due to anorectal dysfunction from nonrelaxing puborectalis muscle, anal sphincter spasm, anorectal mass lesions, or spinal cord injuries. However, with chronic idiopathic constipation, the colonic transit and anorectal functions are relatively normal, and most sufferers are not dehydrated , nor lacking in fibers. According to eastern herbal medicine, most chronic constipation is due to 1) Heat in large intestine, or in liver ( liver corresponds to neurohormonal regulation including autonomic visceral circuitry ), 2) stagnation of liver qi (

corresponds to disordered colonic motility or anorectal dysfunction including failure of relaxation of puborectalis ), 3) Deficiency in Qi, blood, Yang, or Yin in large intestine ( Yang/ Qi deficiency result in weak contractions of smooth muscles of colon, while blood/Yin deficiency result in lack of moistening the colonic mucosa ). In our contipation series of herbal remedies, we present the formulas that clear heat, regulate liver Qi, or supply Qi ( bioenergy ) to colon. 
Our herbal formulas for chronic constipation do not contain senna ( senoqot), which are always present in a majority of other products, and with overusage causes atrophy of autonomic nerves in bowel and lack of peristalsis. 

Many people have the assumption that constipation means hard stools, and even think that they have hard dry stools with their own constipation whenever they strain. However, they might actually have soft or round stools. They simply have not observed their stools in the toilet carefully. Most drugs or " natural remedies " ( especially Senna, the almost universal ingredient ) for constipation operate under the assumption of dry hard stools, and the most common side effects are watery diarrhea, elctrolyte imbalances with overusage, and abdomenal cramps. The shape and moisture of the stools is a great clue to the pathogenetic mechanism behind different types of constipation.



  One can email us the requests for the other types of constipation formulas not routinely offered.But for these which are not premade, one must order 3 bottles.