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Customized Formulas (맞춤형 포뮬라)

Customized Herbal Formulas are for those who wish taylor made products for their symptoms.

There are 2 kinds. One is the capsules. The other is the herbal decoction packs, which are the gold standards. ( .). Herbal medicine in Korea is more expensive than western pharmaceutical drugs: Most Koreans think that herbal medicine is more effective than western drugs in many chronic symptoms, especially chronic fatigue and debility, dizziness, anorexia of elders, abnormal sweatings, ,,,,,   WESTERN MEDICINE IS MOST VALUABLE IN DIAGNOSING EARLY DETECTION OF LIFE THREATENING DISEASES SUCH AS CANCER , OR SAVING LIVES WITH ANTIBIOTICS FOR SYSTEMIC INFECTIONS OR SURGERIES TO ELIMINATE CANCER,,, HOWEVER, MANAGING THE FREQUENT DAILY ILL SYMPTOMS, EASTERN HERBAL MEDICINE  OFTEN RESTORES SENSE OF WELL BEING BETTER THAN SEDATIVE WESTERN DRUGS. The customized herbal tea packs are especially effective for energy deficiencies or imbalances.

One can fill up the questionaire and e mail to shinsmed@gmail.com along with the order.

Physicians Herbal Formula