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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Dizzy& Hot

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Natural herbal formula * formulated by an USA Internist- Pathologist- Herbalist,

* Untangles the knots of the deep roots of an X systemic symptom,

* Is Clinically Proven Effective in Real Patient Cares, because different herbs are coordinated in roles to correct systemic pathogenesis.

The key symptoms                                       

1) Chronic mild dizziness with unsteadiness inside the head, and periodic bursts of vertigo with spinning environments which may last weeks, often accompanied by 

+ 2) Dry mouth and throat, worse at night, feeling hot in the evening, worse with mental and physical exertion or stress. 

MOST CASES OF CHRONIC DIZZINESS DO NOT BELONG TO BIOMEDICALLY DEFINED CATEGORIES. ACCORDING TO EASTERN HERBALISM, THEY ARE MOSTLY IDIOPATHIC CHRONIC DIZZINESS due to " KIDNEY AND LIVER YIN DEFICIENCY " AND " DEFICIENT HEAT/ YANG RISING UP " causing dizziness. One needs to use a formula to tonify kidney and liver yin mainly thereby curbing the uprising liver heat and yang disturbing the sense orifices and leading the wayward fire back to ming men, the source of original Qi.

Dose: 4 to 6 capsules twice daily.

 This formula will gradually subside the unsteadiness inside the head and the room spinnings. 






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