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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Dizzy/Vertigo ( 어지러움증 )

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A herbal alternative formula that steadily clears up the swaying sensations indside the head.  This formula is geared more towards acute or flare up dizziness.  A herbal formula for dizziness often associated with headache. 

Natural herbal formula * formulated by an USA Internist- Pathologist- Herbalist. 



The Key Symptoms:

Acute or Flare up of chronic dizzness, sometimes with vertigo with spinning of the inside of head or the surrounding. Dull, throbbing or distending headache with a sense of bad energy or heat rushing up to the head. Feeling unsteady in gait and balance.  Worse after mental or physical exertion. With the symptoms, the blood pressure may go up. This type of dizziness often appear after mental taxation, emotional stress, insomnia or after illness or surgery.  

The Key Ingredients include : Gambir, gastrodia, nacre, haliotis, calm down the neuroexcitability and reactive sympathetic responses including reactive high systolic blood pressure and abnormal vasodilations of temporal arteries. All these reactive neurohormonal excitations causing dizziness with vertigo or headache are regulatory responses to impaired autoregulation of blood flows to brain including the 8th cranial nerve and relative depletions of bioenergies.  Achyranthis bidentatae, Asparagi, cooked rehmannia, plastrum testudinis nourish and anchor the bioenergies, and restore the smooth autoregulation of blood flows in cerebral microvasculature, and steadiness in gait and balance. Scutellariae, and Fructus meliae direct the herbal formula to neurohormonal networks and clear excess heat generated by the overrun system.

Our all natural formulas are unique, modernized versions of the eastern herbal remedies proven for thousands of years, and are of the finest quality on the market. 




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