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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.




Physicians herbal formulas are effective for eye symptoms, especially Dry Eye PainBright Vision . According to eastern herbal medicine, the eyes are connected to the liver, which in biomedical language corresponds to autonomic and neuroendocrine responses especially to emotional changes.

Red eyes with tearing at times are often caused by an exogenous attack by wind heat ( viral or bacterial conjunctivitis) and weak immunologial defense, or by internal liver heat arising to the eyes via the liver meridian ( liver heat can be from chronic sympathetic nervous system activation due to anger or frustrations, or yin deficiency due to chronic overspending of bioenergies causing deficient heat sensations in the eyes with dry conjuntiva). or Damp heat from abnormal fluid metabolism due to lung, spleen ,or triple burner dysfunctions can cause sticky eye discharges, frequent stys, and sandy sensations. Notice that the most eye symptoms come from the disharmonies of Qi and blood in internal organs, and not from the eye pathologies. The eyes are aperatures to one aspect of human spirit termed 혼 in Korean. Eastern medicine spends much discussions on as to evaluating one's spiritual strength, emotional stability, and even presence of diseases just based on eye appearances. Not talking about jaundice; but greenish hues in conjuntivas in our experiences reflect liver disharmonies including mental suspiciousness and weak ego. Any way, One can try our Dry Eye Pain for a month or two instead of applying restasis eye drops for the remainder of life ( According to chinese medical research, A herbal formula called ming mu di huang wan, semisimilar product to  our Dry Eye Pain has proven to greatly increase the blood flows in central retinal artery when taken for months). or try Bright Vision instead of shopping for opthamologists, who repeatedly give you clean bill of eye health.