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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

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Fatigue&Sleepy&Heavy ( 졸립고무거운 피로 )

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Product Description

Herbal formula which clear damp heat and tonify bioenergy.

The Key Symptoms:

Fatigue not clearly relieved with rest or lying down, Somnolence or sleepiness worse after lunch, Lethargy with generalyzed heavy feelings of head and the body, Muzzy or foggy feelings of head with forgetfulness. Dose: 4 to 6 capsules twice daily Recommend at least 2 bottles for a try out. A long term management with the herbal formula in addition to diet and exercise may be needed. Biomedicine sometimes recommends antidepressants, when the condition is not due to it. *Why persist with biomedical therapy that do not work? Especially when there is an effective alternative! This natural herbal alternative is very effective with  truly rare side effects.

100 capsules/ bottle

The Korean Text: 미국 유일한 내과의 + 병리학 자 + 한의학전문 신동원 박사 의 자연 한약 포뮬라 

습열을 제거하고 생체 에너지를 맑게하는 약초포뮬라.

주요 증상 : 

피곤함은 휴식이나 눕기로 분명히 줄지않고,  졸음은 점심 식사 후에 더 나빠지거나,머리와 몸의  무거운 무력함과 두통, 건망증이있는 머리의  안개 낀 느낌.복용량 : 1 일 2 회 4-6 캡슐 로 최소 2 병을 준비하십시오. 규정 식과 운동과 돌행해서 약초처방 필요. 현대의학은 때때로 항우울제 복용을 잘못된진단으로 권장합니다.




Semen coicis lachrymal-jobi ,Rhizome coptidis, Fructus gardeniae jasminoidis, Semen sojae praeparatum, Cortex magnilae officinalis, Rz pineliae ternatae, Rz phragmitis communis 

Rz atractylodis ,Pericarpium citri reticulatae,Rx astragali membranacei,Rx codonopsitis pilosulae,Sclerotium poriae cocos

성분 :

정액 coicis lachrymal jobi, Rhizome coptidis, Fructus 치자 나무 jasminoidis, 정액 sojae praeparatum, Cortex magnilae officinalis, Rz pineliae ternatae, Rz phragmitis communis

Rz atractylodis, Pericarpium citri reticulatae, Rx astragali membranacei, Rx codonopsitis pilosulae, Sclerotium poriae cocos


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