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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Fatigue& Stressed

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Product Description

This is our signature formula for those with chronic fatigue under age 55 in modern hectic societyfotolia-42460290-subscription-monthly-m.jpg.

The Key Symptoms:

Fatigue often worse with inactivity and better with light exercise, irritability and moodiness or depressed moods. You may also have chest, hypochondriac distention or discomfort, thirst with dry mouth, alternating chills with mild feverishness. For women, premenstral breast distention or dysmenorrhea, usually preperiod. This syndrome is common in those aged 20 to 50, who are often stressed out, with the daily demands of life in competitive society. Better effects when taken a long term 12 capsules daily. This formula was formerly named Fatigue & Moody.

Ingredients: Rich in adaptogenic herbs such as Astralgus, Ginseng, Rehmannia, blended with herbs that move stuck body energy flow and clear hidden heat.

Rx angelicae sinensis ( dong quai), White Peony, Rx bupleuri, Sclerotium poriae cocos, Rx astragali membranacei( astragalus), Rx Ginseng, Rx scutellariae baicalensis ( skullcap ), Herba menthae haplocalycis, cooked Rehmannia, white Atractyloides, Tuber curcumae (richer in curcumin than in Turmeric). 

Natural herbal formula * formulated by an USA Internist- Pathologist- Herbalist, 


* Untangles the knots of the deep roots of an X systemic symptom, 


* Is Clinically Proven Effective in Real Patient Cares, because herbs with various roles  are coordinated  to correct systemic pathogenesis. 


*Is far different from big company products made of  collections of  similar, publicized herbs with antioxidants or biochemicals which do not coordinate works at a system level !   


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