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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.


Effective natural herbal remedies for fatigue in formulas have smooth and steadily healing effects, but no sympathetic side effects which may burn out the autonomic nervous system in the long run. Huang Qi(Astragalus) , GINSENG, Elutherococcus ( Siberian ginseng ), and Tribulus terrestris among other adaptogenic herbs are often heralded as effective herbs to combat chronic fatigue, but this statement is a misleading one, because these warm herbs, when taken singularly for more than a few weeks, will always produce imbalances in our bodies. Herbal remedies are healing only in a balancing formula for a specific syndrome. 

fotolia-55997983-subscription-monthly-m.jpgChronic fatigue are often ignored by the doctors but also by the patients, especially the senior citizens, when the biomedical causes for fatigue cannot be found. This category is likely the most ignored symptom by the modern medicine, which has little comprehension of " pathogenesis of fatigue". There are no peripheral sensory receptors for fatigue in skin or viscera, no spinothalamic tract in the spinal cord for transmission of fatigue, no thalamus to perceive gross perception of fatigue, and no cerebral cortex which interpret the quality of fatigue. Only the theories abound about circulating cytokines and other inflammatory mediators which set fatigue in motion. Biomedicine is an analytical system with dualistic thinking of mind versus matter, where the mind is only an epiphenomenon of matter, but fatigue is one symptom which molecules and chemicals cannot fully explain. Herbal medicine, based on bioenergetic models, bases the entire spectrum of symptoms in relation to deficiency of bioenergy or imbalances of different forms of bioenergy. She also has thousands of years of experiences with treating fatigue. Chronic fatigue is the hardest symptom to heal, and requires the steady efforts by the persons with proper mind control, rest, and activities.  Natural herbal formulas can be steadily effective, when they are  modified with the insights gained from modern biomedical researches and clinical experiences with patients in medical clinic.


In biomedicine, Only " Chronic Fatigue Syndrome " gets media attention, mainly because it may be postviral autoimmune dysregulation. However, it is not the same as chronic fatigue so commonly found. Yet, many patients mistakenly think of chronic fatigue syndrome, if they have chronic fatigue. Fatigue is the most common reason for which the far easterners visit the expert herbalist. Product imageHerbal decoction teas are the best treatments, but the capsules work also, although they are weaker and sometimes slower. Korean elders who had felt debilitated have benefitted greatly with herbal decoction Teas. The cultural practice of giving tonic herbal tea packs to an elder or to a postpartum mother is considered a humanistic, almost dutiful act routinely done in modern Korean society. All the formulas in Physiciansherbalformula site can be prepared in decoction . Just Go to CUSTOMIZED FORMULA category and specify the formula. There are 60 tea packs in 1 order of 1 month supply.


Chronic Fatigue is a sign of serious deficiency or imbalance of " Qi and Blood ", or " Yin and Yang ", and may lead to serious illnesses. The Syndromes causing Fatigue require treatment not just to feel better but to prevent the complications. If the symptom duration has been short, one may feel the power of the appropriately chosen formula even within a few days, but most chronic fatigue require a long term treatment. Not all fatigue are due to deficient bioenergy or blood, and rather some syndromes are due to blockage of energy flow. They are mainly " Excess " categories, where fatigue usually does not get better with rest or lying down. Even in the majority of cases with mainly deficient bioenergies, fatigue tend to be lessened with light unstressful activities or exercises. This is because there is some stagnation of bioenergies in people with deficiency of bioenergies. 

As hypertension or diabetes mellitus requires steady medication, it is desirable to take a  herbal formula long-term for chronic fatigue.