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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.


Natural herbal Remedies for gastrointestinal dysfuntions effectively work on modulating the visceral sensory inputs to the brain and the outputs of autonomic efferents from the central nervous system to the gut walls. Thereby natural remedies smoothly coordinates the peristalsis of the entire gut, optimize the balanced secretions of acids, bile acids, and digestive enzymes, and maximize the digestive and absortive functions of Gastrointestinal organs, so that the energy producing nutrients and proper ratios of water and minerals  ( " food Qi" )enter the circulation, while the waste products ( " turbid Qi" )are properly eliminated from our body. 

EPIGASTRIC PAIN/ DYSPEPSIA/ BLOATING: An unique, Integrated, clinically useful approach of combining both biomedical and eastern herbal theories

Functional Dyspepsia Is the major category of chronic indigestion, bloating, gas, and nausea. It is defined as > 3 months of postprandial fullness, early satiety, epigastric pain or burning with the first symptom onset at least 6 months prior before the diagnosis, and no organic causes found for dyspepsia. Biomedicine proposes 4 pathogenetic mechanisms. #1) Gastroesophageal reflux due to lower lower esophageal sphincter tone explains only heartburn or burning epigastric pain. #2) Altered Gastric Motility such as delayed gastric emptying as in diabetic gastroparesis, or impaired fundus relaxation after eating. #3) Visceral Afferent Hypersensitivity may work with altered gastric motility to produce the symptoms: 4) Psychological make ups are thought to play a significant role in producing the symptoms. The insufficiency of 4) is that 1) there are too many people with functional dyspepsia with normal psyche make ups.


Altered gastric motility is one major mechanisms of dyspepsia. There are 2 major kinds. 1) Deficient Bioenergy is caused by years of faulty diet, chronic emotional and mental spending, etc. Deficient Qi ( including autonomic nervous system output) is supplied to gastric submucosal microvessels, neuronal circuitry, and smooth muscles. This shortage of bioenergy results in hypotonia of gastric muscles and hypocontractility and hypoproduction of pepsinigens, and indigestion and bloating. If deficiency of bioenergy is the major mechanism of dyspepsia, obviously one needs to take a herbal formula with mostly tonic herbs, and not the " carminative " herbs only which only whip the tired, sluggish bowels for short term gains. 2) Blocked Bioenergy flows are caused by A) stagnation of Qi ( activation of sympathetic nervous system causes gastric hypomotility and increased spincter tones,etc, B) phlegm damp pathogens ( disturbed water and electrolytes metabolism results in gastric submucosal edema or inflammation and interferes with secretions of acids and pepsinogens and motility of smooth muscles ) ,C) cold or hot external pathogens ( eating a huge quantity of ice creams or peppers alarms the visceral sensory receptors and produce vasoconstrictions or vasodilation ).


There are 2 other biomedical mechanisms producing functional dyspepsia. 1) Abnormal Reflux of Bile Acids into the stomach : This is thought to occur mainly in postgastrectomy or postcholecystectomy or with a large antral ulcer. According to eastern herbal medicine, reflux of bile acids occur often in persons with normal anatomy, causes gnawing epigastric pain, nausea, vomitting, indigestion, bitter taste, and yellow sticky tongue coating. 2) Atrophy of gastric mucosa and intestinal metaplasia is thought to be the outcome of years of H. Pylori induced chronic gastritis or pernicious anemia related autoimmune gastritis. However, many elders have mucosal atrophy and metaplasias with hypoproduction of protective mucus, hypochlorhydria ( low production of acids), digestive enzymes,etc, and have indigestion ,vague epigastric pain, and dry mouth with lack of coatings on the tongue. This type of dyspepsia will not respond to proton pump inhibitors( nexium, prilosec,). 

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