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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Head& Neck

 A few words about tongue diagnosis. An exam of tongue involves the observation of basic color, shape, and coating. It gives the examiner the information about the basic state of the person's bioenergetic imbalance. An example:                                                          


THIS TONGUE HAPPENS TO SHOW  BLOOD STASIS ( tongue color is purple ) , CONSTRAINED HEAT IN THE HEART ( The tip of the tongue is red and wedge shaped ),and liver heat ( the edge of tongue is red ). THIS MODEL MIGHT HAVE PREMENSTRAL TENSIONS, DYSMENORRHEA, HEAVY MENSTRAL PERIODS, BREAST DISTENTION, MYALGIA,AND DIFFICULTY FALLING ASLEEP, AND FEARS FROM STIMULI. ( We have not clinically evaluated this model in person)
Tongue and throat symptoms are often a reflection of altered basic immunological and autonomic nervous system integrity. A kidney and a spleen ( 2 most important organs governing the energy flows ) meridians carrying " Qi and Blood" enter the throat and the tongue. This is why the tongue appearance reveals the energetic and circulatory state of a person. The symptoms can be vague, but persistent, if there is chronic deficiency or stagnation of " Qi and Blood' or " Yin and Yang". Natural herbal formulas can gradually restore the imbalaces in qi and blood or tonify " kidney and Spleen", relieve the chronic symptoms, and improve the tongue appearance.