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We offer natural, herbal remedies effective for cardiovascular symptoms.

Our herbal remedies enhance blood flows in micro and macro cirulation in arterial and capillary system, tonify cardiac contractilities in response to demands, and calm down sympathetic and adrenocortical stress responses of inappropriate elevation of systolic blood pressure and tachycardia.                                                                             

Chest pain/Angina is  excellent for supplementing western antianginal drugs for controlling angina and palpitation in unstable angina in patients with coronary heart disease. This formula is the only single formula in our web site where a western diagnosis is directly applied to a syndrome category in herbal medicine, namely Blood Stagnation in Heart causing chest pain. This formula eliminated chronic anginal chest pain and palpitation in an elder with hypertensive cardiomyopathy with ejection fraction of 25 % only who had failed on nitroglycerins, ranexa,low dose beta blockers,and plavix.