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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Herbal Medicine is valued in Korea

fotolia-39864325-subscription-monthly-m.jpg Traditional herbal formulas are on equal footing withfotolia-52594523-subscription-monthly-m.jpg

Modern biomedicine in clinical practice in Modernized Korea whose Sam Sung  or Hyundai corporations produce the state of the art cell phones and cars. Obviously, Herbal formulas are cherished and valued as much as the high tech gears and modern biomedicine. koreans routinely spend hundreds of dollars per month for herbal remedies willingly. Are the Koreans superstious or zealous about herbal remedies? like the Jewish persons about Torah or belivers in Islamic faith about Khoran or Christians about Trinity God or typical American patients about antibiotics and steroids for all conceivable symptoms? Our thoughts on this matter will be coming.

Let us look at the usage of herbal remedies in Korea. Case #1) A young married couple gives birth to a new baby. The son's mother hurries to their home not only to help take care of the baby, but also to inspect the daughter in law's health. She finds that the postpartum mother appears weak and sweating easily. " Gosh! you look so weak with pale and sallow face. I am sure that you have seen your medical doctor. What does he say?". The daughter in law responds, " I feel weak and tired, and sweats a lot with even mild exertion.My limbs also feel cold. My 양의사 (western doctor) has examined me carefully and did blood tests and ultrasounds , and told me that I am perfectly healthy, and needs to rest a few days." The mother in law reflexively responds, " You need Chinese Herbal formula, and I know the best herbalist in this town. Let us see him right away, before your health deteriorates further." They ride a taxi cab to the herbalist, who listens to the symptoms and examines the face, tongue, and the pulse of the postpartum lady, and then declares, " Dear mother in law and the daughter in law; Your daughter in law had spent too much "Qi" during pregnancy and labor. She is suffering from " Post partum Qi Deficiency with mild Yang loss as well". 가미황기탕 ( Huang Qi Tang, modified )is the best formula for this syndrome. ( This formula is similar to our " Day time Sweating& Weariness", see Sweating category) The mother in law pays the herbal pharmacy 50 만원 ( $ 500 usd ) for decoction packs for a supply of 21 days. So the postpartum lady takes the formula for 10 days, is completely free of sweating, and her western biomedical doctor responds," See. I told you that nothing is wrong with you."