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Herbal Sinus Clear ( 축농증 약초 )

  • 100 capsules/ bottle
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Natural herbal formula * formulated by an USA Internist- Pathologist- Herbalist, 

* Untangles the knots of the deep roots of an X systemic symptom, 

* Is Clinically Proven Effective in Real Patient Cares, because herbs with various roles  are coordinated  to correct systemic pathogenesis.

The key Symptoms: Persistent nasal discharge, stuffiness, congestion. Post nasal drip with throat tickles, phlegms, and cough. sinus headaches. the symptoms are worse with exposure to cold wind or allergens.

In eastern herbal theory flare of sinus conditions stems from chronic deficiency of Wei Qi, Qi of the 5 elemental "organs" ( " the organs " are not anatomic entities but bioenergetic energies ) and phlegm heat thus generated.

Herbs that strengthen the bioenergies and clear phlegm heat are the main ingredients in this herbal recipe. Treats chronic and acute sinusitis and postnasal drip cough.

In modern medicine, often antibiotics, antihistamines, and nasal corticosteroids are prescribed for 6 to 8 weeks, often without good effectiveness and often side effects. Contains No herbs with Ephedra. The herbs include xanthium fruit, angelica root, magnolia flower,honey suckle flower, centipeda herb, gardenia fruit, baical skullcap root, mentha mint, chuanxiong root, acorus.

Herbal supplements are not tested by FDA. This product is not intended to treat disease.

100 capsules/ bottle

The Korean Text:

미국 유일한 내과의 + 병리학 자 + 한의학전문 신동원 박사 의 자연 한약 포뮬라

주요 증상 : 지속적 비강 분비,코 막힘. 목구멍에 간질, 기침. 두통. 찬 바람 또는 알레르겐에 노출되면 증상이 더욱 악화됩니다.비염/축농증 증상 악화는 5장 "기관"( "기관"은 해부학 적 실체가 아니라 생물 에너지 임)의 면역체계의 기 결핍및 이렇게 생성 된 가래 열에 기인한다.( 오장과 면역 기)들을 강화하고  가래 열을 제거하는 약초들이 주요 성분입니다. 만성 및 급성 부비동염 및 후성 점액 기침을 치료합니다.


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