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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

How to choose the herbal formula


Physicians herbal formulas address the most common " syndromes". The analysis of the symptoms is the most vital step in picking the appropriate formula ( the proper history taking is 80% of the task in diagnosis also in western medicine ). It is most critical to Follow the algorithm for a symptom if we have provided it. For other products, if some of the main key symptoms match the predominant symptoms and one or a few of the auxillary descriptions fit , then the formula is a match. Read the descriptions for all the formulas for each category and use common sense and reason. For acute symptoms, one will benefit in one or a few doses, while the chronic cases will gradually take effects ( may be, a bottle ) depending on how deep the roots are underground. For chronic symptoms, always choose a formula within a chronic formula category. If one chooses the right formula and persist in taking them, one will always leap benefits, ranging from mild to life changing in degrees. 


One can choose either the herbal capsules ( one order  is 3 bottles of 100 capsules ), or the decoction packs ( one order is 40 packs for 20 days supply). One must first fill out the below questionaire and e mail to shinsmed@gmail.com along with the order.

Link to product page Customized Formula Capsules  or  Customized Formula Tea Packs