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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.



Chronic musculoskeletal conditions can be very tough, but our herbal formulas can be greatly helpful in stopping pain with least side effects, and often speed up the healing process in soft tissue injuries and even bone traumas. Herbal formulas, in our experiences, are much superior to nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents, especially in chronic arthritis with tendinosis and chronic low back pain not requiring surgery. Herbal formulas are least effective in acute disc herniations,with lumbar radiculopathy (buttock pain shooting down the legs ),and spinal canal stenosis ( leg pain with walking). Unfortunately, these last two conditions are the identical illnesses which modern biomedicine have little recourses except for repeated trials of steroids injections ( with the side effects, and often no amelioration of pain ) or surgeries which are not viable options for many elders.In such tough cases, use the combination of herbal formulas, suitable physical therapies,and acupunture.