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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.


Nausea is the subjective sensation of needing to vomit. It may or may not be followed by vomitting. Vomitting is a defense reflex that lets the organism to get rid of toxins by oral expulsions of gastrointestinal contents by contractions of gut and thoracic and abdomenal muscles. The vomitting reflex is initiated by the vomitting center in the brain which responds to various stimulations including those of the chemo and mechanoreceptors of the gut. Afferent nerves to the vomitting center in the brain rise from internal splanchnic and vagal nerves, vestibulo labyrinthrine receptors in the inner ears, and also from the cerebral cortex, and the chemoreceptor trigger zone ( CTZ ) which detect noxious chemicals from the blood. Thus CTZ is exposed to both the emetic stimuli from endogenous origin such as changes in hormonal levels or endotoxins coming from the liver or gut and to stimuli of external origin such as exotoxins being directly absorbed by the respiratory and gastrointestinal mucosa. The efferent branches of cranial nerves V, VII, IX, X and the spinal nerves coordinate muscular contractions of the gut ( reverse peristalsis ), the diaphragms, and thoracic and abdomenal muscles.

In short there are numerous different types of Nauseating Stimuli acting on the vomitting center mainly from 1) neural input from the gut and 2) hormones and chemicals in blood sensored by CTZ with additional inputs from the inner ear and finally modulated by the cortex. In simple terms nausea and vomitting is mainly caused by 1) any harmful stimulations of the gut, 2) any harmful chemicals and altered hormone levels in the blood, and is subject to the psychological modulations by the cortex.

Therefore, Nausea and Vomitting has multiple pathogenetic mechanisms.Recurrent chronic nausea/vomitting can be often idiopathic after medical work ups and refractory to medications, but natural herbal remedies for nausea and vomitting can steadily treat the roots by tonifying the weak bioenergy  and removing the obstruction of it in the neurohormonal circuitry of gastrointestinal system.

In eastern herbal medicine, nausea/ vomitting represents abnormal upwards movements of Qi. Most often it is the stomach qi, but may also be heart qi, liver qi, or qi of the penetrating vessel ( the bioenergetic system enabling the pregnancy ). Abnormal movements of qi may arise because 1) there is a low level of bioenergy which cannot power the transformations needed for normal peristalsis, or 2) there are obstructions to the normal flows of bioenergies caused by inflammations and edemas of the gut, or 3) varying combinations of both 1) deficiency and 2) excess. The diagnosis of nausea can be arrived at by careful analysis of all the symptoms and physical signs such as tongue appearance which may be the most visible and objective indicators of the state of various bioenergies.

Natural herbal remedies for nausea offers multiple formulas based upon the differentiation of clusters of different symptoms for chronic nausea and vomitting. The typical strategies of herbal remedies for nausea and vomitting are as follows. For Deficient Nausea, the formulas would include herbs for tonification of bioenergies of involved organs as well as the herbs for promoting normal peristalsis. For Excess nausea, the formulas include the herbs for removing the obstructions by reducing the inflammations and edema as well as the herbs that alleviate nausea.

All together, there are more than 100 different herbs used for natural herbal remedies for nausea and vomitting. Usually each formula uses more than 10 different herbs with different functions and flavors. Here is a sample list of favorite herbs used for peristalsis and symptomatic alleviation of nausea.

Ban xia, Rhizoma Pinelliae, is a warm herb which also dissolves cold phlegms in lung and stomach.

Cang zhu, rhizoma atractyloidis, is a king herb for resolving dampness in gut and relieving bloating.

Chen Pi, orange peel, is good for indigestion.

Hou po, Cortex magnoliae, was promoted  in Dr. OZ show and aromatically resolves dampness and promotes intestinal movements.

Sheng jiang, or Ginger is good for cold induced nausea or sea food poisoning, but not good for any inflammatory conditions causing nausea.

Huang Lian, or the herb containing the largest amount of berberine, is good for nausea due to inflammations of the stomach and intestine, but will cause abdomenal pain or diarrhea for " cold deficient " conditions.

Zi su ye, folium Perillae, is good for nausea with cold or viral gastroenteritis. It is rich in rosmarinic acids. It also is antiinflammatory and antiallergic by suppressing 5- lipoxygenases. Think of singulair, antiasthma pill.

For young or middle aged persons in modern culture, the formula B3 Bitter Nausea& Phlegm is usually the best remedy. For debiliated persons after prolonged illness or surgeries, the formula A1 Nausea& Fatigue can be taken a long term. 



  Nausea & Vomitting is the most general formula used for excess chronic nausea/ vomitting. Formula Nausea& Stomach Ache, B2 and B4 can be ordered by e mail ( the minimum order for these are 3 bottles of 100 capsules).


A1  Nausea & Fatigue                      A2  Nausea Idiopathic                               A3   Nausea & Dry Mouth 

 A1 and A3 products are to be ordered by e mail. A minimum of 3 bottles.