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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.



Abnormal new appearance of Sweating is a strong sign of the imbalance of fundamental Energetic system. Usually all the tests will turn out negative, unless one has cancer, AIDS, Lymphomas, or thyroid toxicosis. The most common cause of excess sweating is the depletion of the energy reservoir which is brought by intense emotional and mental exhaustion, lack of sleep, serious illness, postpartum fatigue, or prolonged hospitalization. An exception is chronic hyperhydrosis from armpits, or obesity with " damp Heat". Sweating& Weary is good for day time sweating with fatigue including postpartum sweating, and Night Sweating is good for sweating in elderlies. As for menopausal syndrome. Usually such sweating is copresent with hot flashes, which need be treated with Hot Flashes & Dizzy or Hot Flashes & Sweating for long term.

Spomtaneous Sweating can be acute with1)Yang ming channest heat, Fever, Thirst, 2 Yin Qi and Wei Qi disharmony)