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by U.S.A. Medical Doctor & Herbalist.

Why Idiopathic Symptoms ?

Why are most common symptoms often idiopathic or unexplained after many biomedical tests?

( or sometimes a presumed diagnosis is given, but the treatment is not effective. )

This is because the tests can detect only the abnormal changes of anatomy, which is called "a disease". However, a disease is not the same as a " sickness " with the symptoms. The symptoms are felt, when an organism have the physiological responses to excess stresses, internal or external, in attempts to restore homeostasis. In eastern medicine, these responses, expressed as the symptoms originate from " syndromes " of " imbalances of bioenergies manifested in 5 phases called Qi, Blood, Essence, Yin, and Yang ".  Once the syndromes further develop into visible diseases, then curing or curbing the expressions of them become harder, but eastern herbal medicine can be still much more healing by resolving the imbalances of bioenergies, and abolishing the symptoms. 

After years of clinical correlations of the symptoms with autopsies and microscopic exams of cells, he has concluded that 1) the beginings of sickness, with symptoms, start at the cellular levels, where bioenergy transformations occur and 2) many common symptoms ( such as fatigue, exertional dizziness, idiopathic headache, body pain, ,etc.,, ) cannot be diagnosed by modern biomedical tests, which cannot detect " the pathophysiological movements at the cellular level". This latter expression can be rephrased by holistic herbal medicine to " imbalances of bioenergies in the deepest layer of an organism". In such bioanatomically invisible sicknesses, western drugs often try only to suppress the symptoms by sedating the neurons, but natural herbal formulas can steadily restore the imbalances of bioenergies at the cellular level.





One example of such a common, unexplained symptoms arising at the cellular level ( i.e. excess cellular metabolism and heat production by mitochondria ) is "Deficient heat " due to yin deficieny. Deficient heat is generated by chronically overtaxed brain cells with chronic mental and emotional exertion; normally heat production by our brain is about 20 %, but with great mental efforts, heat production by brain increases. Usual modes and level of heat dissipation by radiation, convection, conduction,and basal sweating are not enough to set the body core temperature back to normal. Then,  Deficient heat  travel through our body via convection through the blood vessels to capillary rich areas for additional emission to the environment. This physiological regulatory mechanism cause dry mouth, warm palms and soles, hot flushes, and sweatings. ( For example, Menopause with hot flashes is not simply caused by lack of estrogen. Deficient heat is the first event generated before hypothalamus, the estrogenic hormones, and sympathetic neurons  respond to set the core temperature to normal ). Such a " syndrome " of deficient heat is real and experienced , but its origin at the brain subcelluar changes are not detectible by current tests. Physicians herbal formulas steadily correct the imbalances in bioenergies, and treat many such symptoms before they develop into serious diseases. The below is a simplified diagram of most common mode of



It follows that in order to heal sickness, one needs to choose the right herbal formula that  restores the balances of bioenergies, and to correct the unhealthful life styles that started the chain reactions in the first place. ( more on these subjects in the future )