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Acute Diarrhea ( 급성설사 )

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Product Description

Well balanced herbal formula with herbs rich in berberine, baicalein, phellondron, and isoflavonoids work synergystically to drain dampness and clear heat ( treat inflammation) in the bowels and help stop acute diarrhea.

The Key Symptoms: 

Acute or even chronic Diarrhea with abdomenal cramps and tenesmus. Often Smelly yellow, sometimes with red blood. May have watery diarrhea mixed with some yellow stools.   Burning Anus. Fever and Thirst. Also used for chronic diarrhea with yellowish liquidy stools. 


The Key Ingredients:

Coptis root, the rich source of berberine, in traditional herbalism, clears fire in heart, stomach ,liver, and large intestine. Coptis root, Phellodendron bark and baikal skullcap, a source of baicalein, have been experimentally found to exert strong antiinflammatory, antibiotic, antipyretic, cholagogic( promoting bile flow ) and hepatoprotective effects in vitro studies.  They clear damp heat in large intestines, and helps to stop diarrhea. 

Pulsatilla root, Ash bark, and Portulaca ( Ma chi Xian, literally " horse's teeth amaranth " ) specifically clears heat toxins invading the colon.

Gegen, a well known kudzu root used for hangovers, contains isoflavonoids such as puerarin, daidzein, and genistein, which have cardiovascular, antiplatelet, antihypertensive, and antimenopausal effects in vitro studies. In traditional medicine, kudzu root is more famous for her actions in " lifting spleen Qi upwards ", helping to separate clear qi from damp heat in colon, and treating diarrhea and thirst. 

Poria and Coix seed drain "damp" in the colon. Muxiang ( Aucklandia ) coordinates smooth movements of bowels. Bai Shao ( White Peony Root) is one essential herb in " nourishing liver blood " which help alleviate intestinal cramps and spasms, and borborygmus.

All these herbs join together in a formula and work in concert to get at the root causes of yellow and even smelly diarrhea.

 Our all natural formulas are modernized versions of the eastern herbal remedies proven for thousands of years, and are of the finest quality on the market. 


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